Cognitive Edge-cloud Services

A secure, resilient and
privacy-compliant European Data Management and Processing Infrastructure

ACES researches and develops an open common AI and ML-enabled architecture to respond to the increasing need of cloud services at the edge, independent of any platform. It provides end-to-end transaction resilience, reliability and stability of automation in cloud management and secure flows of sensitive data and applications.

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11 Organisations


36 Months of research
and innovation

Million Euros<br />

7.8+ Million Euros

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

  • Innovative cloud-edge service based on optimised computing and network management, storage, and analytics, using AI and M/L techniques
  • Autopoiesis to manage resources and workloads in respect to edge-relevant requirements such as latency, energy efficiency, security and
  • Optimised data management, storage, replication and data movement
  • Research services to improve the experience of operators, software and application developers as well as end-users
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in concrete edge-cloud application use cases


Use Cases

Autopoietic edge-cloud data and application service platform

Management agents and tools for awareness; AI and M-L enabled tools to handle workload, service and resource management, data and policy management, telemetry and monitoring

Autopoietic agents for service and throughput stability in challenging service scenarios in terms of workload placement, service and resource management, data and policy handling

The Use Cases test and demonstrate the effectiveness and generalisability of the ACES design and technological solutions.
They are based on three real-life application scenarios that take advantage of cognitive edge services with different levels of autonomy and, actionability within the services, the edge service stack and the hardware.
These use case will develop dedicated and, geographically distributed edge cloud to demonstrate its effectiveness and efficiency to technologists and end-users and they will be documented appropriately to prove the transferability to other industries and sectors.

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