ACES plans 3 three real-life use cases to demonstrate a set of cognitive edge-services to analyse and access different implementations of awareness, autonomy, actionability within the services, the edge-services stack, and the relevant hardware, to test and demonstrate the effectiveness and transferability of the ACES research project.

Use Cases

Energy Market place & distribution:
Energy Market place & distribution:


Energy Market place & distribution

The marketplace case study will collect energy supply data from various microgrids across a wide geographical area in Greece and its islands and associate it with energy demand data. The use case will demonstrate how the distributed edge services infrastructure enable seamless resilient and autonomous match of demand and supply. The infrastructure will handle the energy workloads to optimise the access to energy assets and the distribution. The marketplace will enable flexible access to differentiated energy sources, providing incentives to the population to use Renewable Energy Sources; provide securely marketplace data (supply and demand); and deliver the optimization of the match of supply and demand, flexibly integrating neighbouring geographical areas.

Distributed energy grid Process Management


Distributed energy grid Process Management

The edge mesh will be used to decentralize the management of the energy and power flows in the Greek energy grid to maximize the utilization levels of the different local energy production resources and generate more flexibility and foster an adaptive behaviour to local consumption conditions. This will create a paradigm shift in from a Central Dispatch System and Business-as-Usual schema to a more resilient distributed and adaptive grid management infrastructure and provide an UIX that will help the operator understand how the platform is performing and why, and where possible human action can be taken or human intervention is required.

Distributed energy grid Process Management
Energy Market place & distribution:
Energy Market place & distribution:
An IoT based Asset Monitoring and Management
Energy Market place & distribution:


An IoT based Asset Monitoring and Management

ACES will demonstrate how the introduction of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure data along with data from grid-edge sensors and GIS systems will allow faster outage detection, accurate outage prediction and more reliable investment planning, along with investment deferral. By handling diverse IoT data streams and operational data the operator can analyse asset loss of life.

This enables:

  • the rightsizing of the assets
  • the reduction of total cost of ownership
  • planning for predictive maintenance programs
  • the definition of risk-based asset management strategies that include failure probabilities, criticality indexing, and device health indexing.

Each use case will be based on:

  • A set of specific functions
  • A detailed test plan
  • The relevant services for that use case
  • A more detailed breakdown of the success criteria for the different roles (operator,software developer, end user).

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