ACES – Autopoietic Cognitive Cloud Services for Edge applications in the Energy Sector

What is that we are researching and developing?

ACES aspires to be one of the key driving forces in the post-cloud computing paradigm, a.k.a. the intelligent edge paradigm where the requirements of applications have profound implications on the scale and design of supporting computing platforms that are clearly at odds with the centralized nature of cloud computing. Instead, edge intelligence asks for a fundamentally new type of distributed system, tailored having in mind the distinctive characteristics of edge computing, AI, and IoT systems.

The aim of ACES is to develop a distributed, opportunistic, collaborative, heterogeneous, self-managed, self-organizing edge services environment, primarily edge-to-edge and secondly on the edge-to-cloud continuum under a cognitive edge-services architecture with multiple agents (AI, ML) creating autonomous actions. The role of IPTO is to create artificial scenarios of its inner procedures (optimal power flow, Market Clearing) and extend them (Digital Twin, Machine-Learning Anomaly Detection) into a new programming model to be integrated into the ACES platform.

In the framework of Energy sector’s digital transformation ACES envisions three use-cases in IPTO:

  • Marketplace and asset distribution (UC1),
  • Distributed process management (UC2) and
  • IoT based asset monitoring and management (UC3).The various functions of the pilots will be integrated into the ACES platform where they can be intelligently managed and run into the cluster of 3 distributed micro-Datacenters which will be acquired through the program.

The Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO) is in charge of the ACES energy use cases. It has the responsibilities and performs the duties of Owner and Operator of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETS) and guarantees the country’s supply with electricity in an adequate, safe, efficient and reliable manner, as well as the operation of the electricity market.

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