First webinar on AI as enabler in cognitive cloud

EUCloudEdgeIoT and the ACES-EDGE Research and Innovation Action have successfully rolled out the webinar focusing on “Future-proof solutions for cognition-enabled cloud computing” last 18th April 2024. This webinar was organized in the context of the “ RIA Showcase” involving the two project clusters funded by the Horizon Europe Framework Programme “Cognitive Cloud” and “Cognitive Computing”.

The webinar was hosted by Fred Buining, Technical Coordinator of the ACES-EDGE RIA. After the overall introduction by Albert Seubers of the research activities coordinated by the EUCLoudEdgeIoT coordination and support action, the discussion of the high-level experts concerned the use of Artificial Intelligence within the showcased projects and explored the key technological issues of trustworthy AI as well as future perspectives of leading-edge technological explorations and applications within the Horizon Europe innovation scenario. The eight scientists presented innovative advancements in the use of AI in computing and the cloud continuum and shared current challenges and solutions that are being investigated. The issue of trust in AI-enabled system was discussed as well future pathways of research and innovation.

Furthermore, two AI-enabled and data-centred research and innovation projects, TEMA and GLACIATION, were presented by Francesco Mureddu, communication and dissemination coordinator of the two projects.

A lively discussion on the topics ensued, involving all speakers and several of the circa 80 participants in the event.

The webinar report and the video can be seen Here, as well as the slides of the presentation.

A special thank you goes to Team, as well as to all scientists and experts who engaged in this lively and highly interesting discussion.


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