After the success of the first webinar we present a new opportunity for sharing knowledge and spreading new ideas and opinions on cognitive cloud and cognitive computing. We are pleased to announce the second event promoted by #EUCloudEdgeIoT and hosted by ACES-EDGE RIA on “Future-proof solutions for cognition-enabled cloud computing”. The webinar will be online next Thursday 6th June, from 10:30 to 13:00 CET.

On occasion of the event we will explore cutting-edge solutions developed by a set of projects of the cognitive computing and cognitive cloud cluster:

The webinar will explore and provide insights on the current wave of research and innovation actions, which will make Europe one of the top-three contributors to agnosic, open-source, reliable cloud and edge infrastructures, guaranteeing user-centricity, cost-efficiency and data sovereignty.

Registrations are open here.

Special thanks to EUCloudEdgeIoT for this new opportunity of collaboration and to all participating speakers.


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